That’s me!

So, I’ve decided to blog again. For the umpteenth time.

So, what now? What makes this time so special?

Some of you might also know that I have taken up a new role in Kuala Lumpur (KL), and that I’ve been commuting to and fro with the LRT.

I realise that there’s so much that can be done on the roughly 45 minute (1 way) journey, such as read, play a game, or even sleep. And to not utilise that 1.5 hour of time properly would be a real shame.

So here’s my grand idea – A blog that is written ONLY on the train. Nowhere else, but that long vehicle, surrounded by people and their armpits. I figured, why not? With my Smartphone or Tablet, I’m sure I could come up with something pretty interesting.

The posts here won’t necessarily be just about my commute, but also about every other thing that comes along, while on the train.

So join me on this ride as we navigate some of my thoughts.


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